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CAMPOSPHERE noted that no camp manufacturer is devoted directly and comprehensively to the promotion of the second-hand market of camp facilities, and that no engineering consultant is giving serious consideration to that opportunity. Therefore, CAMPOSPHERE is opening up a new path. Indeed, we are enhancing the value of the camp facilities entering the demobilization phase and providing its best efforts by integrating these used assets into new projects.

For the resale of your facilities, our range of services includes:

overview of the camp facilities

State of the infrastructures

Technical due diligence assessments
Maintenance and servicing plan

Value of the assets

Preparation of the resalel

Definition of selling perimeter
Sales catalogue in digital format
Assessment of dismantling and transport costs
Development of qualified sales leads

Costing of the transfer services

Assessment of the risks and costs

Estimation of the market resale value at the end of the contract
Assessment of the transport costs to buyer's site
Pricing of reinstallation on buyer's site

Project management

Complete the transaction

Mediation between the seller, the buyer and the transfer contractor
Commercial, legal and financial assistance
Engineering and technical assistance

By providing a global solution, CAMPOSPHERE is genuinely involved in the circular economy and develops the used camp facilities market for the benefit of all construction industry players, in terms of budget and environmental performance.