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We understand that services provided by camp operators are multiple and that the performance of services providers requires an optimum design of the temporary facilities.

CAMPOSPHERE differs from traditional actors and offers a design adapted to your objectives and specific constraints. Our knowledge of camps operation worldwide enables us to offer custom-designed solutions to achieve optimum use of your temporary man-camp. Therefore, we also provide favorable comfort and working conditions to your employees enhancing team performance and helping you achieve your goals of recruitment and staff retention.

As an independent player, CAMPOSPHERE conceive and carry out the design of your construction camp taking into account the specific needs of your project and without any bias towards subcontractors.

Because CAMPOSPHERE is not a camp manufacturer, we can offer you tailor-made solutions integrating second-hand equipment and temporary buildings to significantly reduce the capital expenditures of your construction camp projects.

For your temporary site facilities, our range of services includes:

Preliminary study

Comprehensive assessment of your needs
Preliminary and optimal design of your facilities

Project support

Detailed study
Costing for construction and operations
Procurement and tendering
Sourcing of used facilities and equipment

integrating second-hand assets

Commercial & technical support
Supply chain assistance and transfer of facilities
Creation of resale opportunities

monitoring and construction

Operational assistance, PMA
Integration and refurbishment of used facilities

Through an approach which contributes to overall camp services providers’ effectiveness and improves the comfort and well-being of the residents, CAMPOSPHERE allows site staff to concentrate their efforts on their core business.

Whilst minimizing the problems, we contribute to create the conditions necessary for the project to succeed!