Sustainable Development and Innovation


With our knowledge of camp facilities and a careful assessment of your project, we will provide you with solutions designed to meet your needs and improve your team’s well-being


Solutions integrating used assets to reduce your costs and opportunities to resell your assets in demobilization phase and share the dismantling costs.

Development and Solidarity

With a circular economy for the construction camp market, we are integrating a sustainable development approach into our strategy that benefits your projects and the environment.

Combining the benefits of and independent engineering player with the expertise of camp facilities manufacturers and operators, CAMPOSPHERE offers turn key solutions to its clients.

Each year, €6 to €7 billion are invested worldwide in large remote construction projects

These projects all require the mobilization of camp facilities

Such facilities account for 3 to 12% of the overall project cost, but generate many a worry

Issues linked to camp management lead to tensions and generate extra costs to your project.

Once the works are completed, these temporary camp facilities are not valorized.

We estimate the value destroyed to be around €300 million annually.

To reach a different way of thinking, CAMPOSPHERE optimize and value your camp facilities, from project draft to construction and resale of your facilities.

Our ambition: to become the leader in the development of second hand camp facilities, with turn-key solutions to both resellers and buyers. Through the integration of used facilities to your up-coming projects and a range of services for the duration of the project, CAMPOSPHERE offers a win-win perspective to sellers and buyers.

This new approach will also help us to contribute to circular economy and bring innovative and cost-reducing answers to the environmental aspects of industrial contracts.

Our commitment

Sustainable development and local content are in the core of CAMPOSPHERE’s development strategy.

As a socially and ethically responsible company, CAMPOSPHERE endeavors through services and consultancy for the industry. Hence, we are conscious of our impact and responsibility towards environmental and development policies. Thus, in order to contribute to the circular economy, we are integrating local added value and local development actions to our innovative and sustainable services. These actions are lead in cooperation with local partners (NGOs, local communities, local associations).

An evolution of common practice from all stakeholders is now necessary to progress in a more sustainable fashion.

For CAMPOSPHERE, the origin of such ethical and sustainable development lies in a new way to handle construction camp projects in the anticipation of their eventual resale. The core of our approach gathers concepts of second-hand camp valuation, recycling of facilities, utilities and equipment, carbon footprint reduction… With a bird-eye view on your project, CAMPOSPHERE brings you sustainable and profitable opportunities.

We will assist you in every phase of your project, from its initial drafting to its final resale.