Optimize and Value your camp facilities

With CAMPOSPHERE, you’ll turn operational, environmental and technical challenges into economic opportunities

CAMPOSPHERE, your global partner

International experience

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Canada, D.R.C., UK, USA, Gabon, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Yemen…

Numerous industries

Oil and Gas, Mining, Transports, Energy, Civil…

CAMPOSPHERE supports your development from project draft to facilities construction and resale.

Our Skills

From project draft…

With its expertise in design, construction and operation of camp facilities, CAMPOSPHERE provides you with solutions to develop your project: definition of project requirements and specification, scope of work, drafting, planning, sourcing and analysis, project management assistance (PMA) on site...

Optimal design

Avoid unnecessary spending with a design tailored to match your needs

Dedicated resources

External services to let you focus on your core business

Service provider efficiency

Design and equipment adapted to optimize on-site services

Well-being of residents

Team performance and commitment, reliability and appeal to work-force

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…to the resale of the camp facilities

CAMPOSPHERE is integrating a sustainable development approach into its strategy and has acquired unique expertise: the valuation and the purchase / resale of used temporary site facilities. With its technical audit and promotion services and its end-to-end solution, CAMPOSPHERE help you optimize the performance of your investments.

CAPEX reduction

Optimized investment costs for each project

Resale opportunities

Reduction in dismantling costs and better profit margin

Environmental impacts

Carbon footprint and waste reduction

Image of the project / Local impact

Co-development, local content, participation in an innovative market

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Used Facilities